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led tv reviews

Here at sammyledtv.com we have compiled a selection of LED TV reviews to help to decide on a future purchase of a LED Backlit television.

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Samsung LED TV

Samsung have introduced a new range of televisions to the market.
The 2011 Samsung LED TV series are touted as being at the cutting edge of design and picture quality. Combined with their Go Green philosophy they have produced a range of TVs that consume less power whilst delivering a first class viewing experience.

To top all that Samsung have managed to produce a range of panels that can be wall hung, the thinnest TV being only 0.31 inches thick.
By using the optional Ultra Slim Wall Mount these LED TVs really do look stunning and will perfectly compliment any living space.

Ranging in size from 32 inch up to a whopping 65 inch model there is an 1080p led tv to suit all room sizes and budgets.
The frames also feature a Touch of Color™ that come in various distinctive edges, including Brushed Titanium, Mystic Earth, Stone Black, Graphite , Red and Grey that give the panel a smooth lined appearance. What ever you chose the end result will be television that will look like a piece of art rather the the boxy black framed panel we have come accustomed to.

Here at sammyledtv.com you find all the latest info and current prices for all the 2010 range of Samsung LED TV. .

Overview of the Samsung LED Television Features

When these Backlit LED LCD TVs first hit the market back in early 2009 they were originally branded the Luxia 8000, 7000 and 6000 series. It now seems that Samsung have dropped the Luxia moniker and are marketing them as Samsung LED TV.

The latest line up of Samsung LED TV panels introduced in Spring 2010 are receiving great reviews from the leading online television review websites as well as the Press.
They are commenting not only on the superb clarity of the 1080p picture that is produced but also by Samsungs innovative features and Eco Friendly approach to television design.

The sections below describes the benefits of owning one of the most technology advanced led televisions yet.

LED Edge-lit Backlighting

The Samsung LED TVs that are featured in these reviews have their picture quality enhanced by the addition of edge-lit LEDs. These televisions are lcd displays that have sets of LEDs running in rows along the edges of the panel.
This has the effect of making the blacks more blacker which gives the picture a more intense and accurate color especially in the darker areas of a scene.
Other advantages of using edge-lighting LEDs in the new Samsung displays are that the panels can be made very thin and the overall power consumption is greatly reduced.

New edge-lit technology has allowed Samsung to produce their thinnest HDTV to date.
Comparable LCD panels will usually have a depth of between 2 to 3 inches but the latest Samsung LED flat panel TVs measure between a minuscule 0.31 inches up to 1.2 inches, which in some cases is half the size of a normal LCD TV.
This effects the overall weight of the display and by using the optional Picture Frame Wall Mount they can be positioned on a wall just like you would hang a picture frame.

If you are looking for an HDTV that will compliment any living space then a Samsung LED TV whether hung from the wall or placed on its luxurious stand should fit the bill.

Samsung Go Greener with LED TV

Conserving the worlds energy resources is something that consumer electronic manufacturers are taking on board and Samsung are at the forefront with their latest LED screens.
By using edge-lighting in their LED TVs they have managed to reduce the electrical consumption by 40 percent when compared to a standard LCD TV in standard viewing mode.
The new sets are also mercury free making them extremely eco friendly.

Because of the slim line design of these LED tvs not only is less packaging used, but the vast reduction in overall weight means reduced transport and fuel costs. Samsung should be applauded for reducing the Carbon Footprint of their latest panels.

Outstanding Picture Quality

As well as the LED backlighting tv technology employed as explained above, the stunning picture quality that is achieved on a Samsung lcd led tv can be attributed to three main factors:

• Higher Contrast Ratios up to 8,000,000:1 on the C8000 Series offer a superior range of brightness, making the white and black pixels purer.

• Wide Color Enhancer Pro feature examines each pixel and makes the necessary adjustments to produce the most defined colors seen on a modern television display.

• A marked reduction of motion blur especially when watching sport or fast action scenes has been achieved by increasing the refresh rate of the screens on the Samsung LED TV.
The Auto Motion Plus technology featured on the latest Samsung led televisions boast a refresh rate of 240Hz on the top of the range models. Even the 120Hz quoted on the C6500 series is more than capable of producing a crisp, blur free image.

Samsung Apps

The Samsung Apps functions built in to the Series 7 and 8 models of LED TVs open whole new world of entertainment at a touch of the remote button:

• With the new Internet@ TV service via a selection of widgets you can access Yahoo® and get the latest stock prices, weather reports and news content direct to the television.
More widgets are in the pipeline that will increase the amount of content that will be eventually available. (internet connection required)
• Browse photos via the Flickr® network. (internet connection required)
• Stream movies from Netflix or Blockbuster

ConnectShare™ Movie

A USB 2.0 port allows you to directly connect to the ConnectShare™ Movie Center that is installed on all the Samsung LED television range.
Plug in your digital camera and instantly view your photos and videos. This feature also allows you to connect a thumb/pen drive and view content including movie files on the television. You can also dock your MP3 player into the USB port and listen to your music and playlists.

Supported video file formats include MKV, ASF, PS, TS, MP4, 3GPP and AVI. Though it’s not mentioned in the Samsung manual a few forums have stated that DivX movies can be played from a USB pen/thumb drive or direct from a connected hard drive. There appears to be no support for MOV and WMV video formats but seeing as the AVI container is so widely used we can’t see there being a problem in finding plenty of source material.
Note: This feature is available on all Samsung LED TV models Series 6, 7 and 8.

Network Connectivity – AllShare™ DLNA Networking

DNLA (Digital Living Network Alliance) standard is supported on the Series 7 and 8 panels that allow connection to your home PC network via Ethernet cable or wireless router.
Connection to the home network is an easy setup and once a done you will have access to all your photos, music and video files direct from your PC or laptop.
You can also view your pictures and movies direct from a DNLA mobile device including the latest DNLA enabled cell phones.

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