Samsung LED TV Wall Mount Bracket WMN1000C

samsung led tv wall mount bracket wmn1000c
The most effective way of mounting your new Samsung LED television is to use the optional WMN1000C Ultra Slim Wall Mount.

By using the recommended wall mount bracket the Samsung LED TV can be fitted pretty much flush to the wall. The face of the panel once fitted is only 0.91 inches from the wall (when fitting the C9000 series)

The WMN1000C picture wall mount can hold up to 110 lbs in panel weight and can be used on all Series 6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 Samusng LED TVs.

How to fit Samsung LED TV Wall Mount

The WMN1000C picture wall mount is easily fitted using a scew driver and power drill. Because of the lightness of the new Samsung LED televisions the ultra slim wall mount works in much the same way as hanging a picture onto a wall. The process can be carried in a relative small time and if you hanging from a concrete or brick wall consists of the following:

1. Screw the supplied anchors onto the back of the LED panel.
(no drilling required)
2. Mark on the wall the 2 spots about 7 to 7.6 inches apart and about 9 inches above the center line of where you would like the television to hang.
3. Drill 2 holes using a 9mm drill bit to a depth of 65mm (2.5″)
4. Insert the supplied wall plugs into the drilled holes a tap in flush to the wall with a hammer.
5. Using the supplied screws fix the special wall anchor mounts into the drilled holes.
4. Install the television by simply hanging as you would a normal picture frame. Once hung the TV can be tilted to gain access to the ports.

The wall mount system can be mounted to stud and wooden walls and comes supplied with the necessary screw holders. Care must be taken when mounting to a stud or wooden wall to ensure that the mount anchors are securely fastened.

The following video shows in greater detail the method recommended by to fit the Samsung LED TV Wall Bracket Mount WMN100C.

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