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Budget level 32 inch LED TV that's getting rave reviews over at Amazon.

samsung un32eh5000 review
If you are shopping for a new HDTV, there are several different options to choose from.
In fact, there are so many options on the market today that choosing the best television within your budget may be a daunting task.

With all of the display technologies and all of the different features that newer high definition flat panels are being released with, you might feel like you will never understand which model is the best.

This review of the Samsung UN32EH5000 is designed to help you understand the features and specifications of the new 2012 series 5 by Samsung.

Read through this review, compare the specifications and features to those of other models, and then make the right investment.

An Introduction to the Samsung UN32EH5000

eh5000 sideonview
The UN32EH5000, which is commonly referred to as the Series 5, is a 32-inch High-Definition LED display television.

It delivers picture in full 1080p high-definition and is Samsung’s value-priced model that comes with some of the features you would expect to find in higher priced models.

With an image aspect ration of 16:9 and a refresh rate that will make image movement look realistic, this model has received rave reviews from consumers and technical experts alike regardless of its low price.

Clear Motion Rate 120 Technologies

It is not common for a flat panel television in the $400 to $600 price bracket to have advanced technologies to improve picture display performance.

Clear Motion Rate 120 is a technology that sets the Samsung Series 5 apart from all models in its price range.
The technology is designed to make movement and motion on the television display with the same detail that still images display in.

The Samsung UN32EH5000 can depict fast-moving images with sharp detail and contrast without distorting the image on the screen.

This is something you learn to appreciate if you frequently watch sports games or action-packed movies.

Color and Clarity of the Picture

samung un32eh5000 image picture quality
The entire reason why you want to invest in a high-definition television is because the picture looks as if the image in front of you is actually in your home.

Some of HDTVs are undoubtedly better then others.
It depends on the display technologies used in the television and the quality of the materials used.

The Samsung UN32EH5000 is an LED-lit television that uses an edge lit design to keep the cost of manufacturing down.
The edge lit design has more than enough lights to deliver vibrant colors and very deep blacks.

The television is also designed with a Wide Color Enhancer Plus feature that will utilize the entire color spectrum instead of just yellows and greens like some other televisions.

When a model like the series 5 uses the entire color spectrum it will bring images to life and make the picture look more natural.

The 5 Series is currently enjoying some rave reviews.
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What Other Added Features Will You Grow to Appreciate?

  • 32 inch Full HD Panel
  • 1920 × 1080 resolution
  • Wide Colour Enhancer for improved graphics
  • 120 Hz Clear Motion Rate
  • Eco Sensor will save energy
  • SRS TheatreSound HD to help with the poor sound associated with slim panels
  • 10w × 2 speakers
  • Cabinet Color – Black
  • ConnectShare Movie – YES
  • Smart TV – NO
  • Samsung Apps – NO
  • Smart Hub – NO
  • Web Browser – NO
  • 3D – NO
  • Game Mode – YES
  • WiFi Built-in – NO
  • SKYPE – NO
  • USB – 1
  • HDMI – 2 Ports
  • 1 Composite, 1 Component

Note: This panel is also known by the following Product Model Numbers:
Full UE32EH6000 Specs

Samsung UN32EH6000 Dimensions

samung un32eh5000 dimensions

Please Note: The UN32EH5000 reviewed here will not connect to the internet.
samsung connectshare
But the television has a USB port so you can plug in your USB devices directly into the television to watch home movies or media off of your console and hard drive systems.

The Final Verdict of the Samsung UN32EH5000

Now that you know more about the features of the Samsung UN32EH5000 it is time to make your final decision.

The edge-lit LED television has been rated extremely highly in consumer reviews.
If your goal is to find a value-priced television that does not skimp on all of the features, the series 5 might just be the right decision.

With the Clear Motion Rate 120 and Wide Color Enhancer Plus technologies, you will never want to leave your living room or your bedroom.
The true-to-life displays will offer a view experience that you will never complain about.

Price the television online and see who offers the best deal. Once you find a bargain, make sure you take time to compare features and then make room for your new HDTV.

Where can I Buy the Samsung UN32EH5000 LED TV?
Amazon are currently stocking the UN32EH6000 at a reduced discounted price, plus they will deliver the set free of charge..

Great reviews are being posted for this 32 inch TV and demand is high.
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Budget level 32 inch LED TV that's getting rave reviews over at Amazon.

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