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2012 Model

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On March 26, 2012
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This TV is a true entry level LED panel that delivers a superior picture. It is currently receiving rave reviews over at Amszon.

samsung un46eh5000 review
There is good news for people who are not fans of glitz, glitter, and bells and whistles.
For the Samsung UN46EH5000, the bells and whistles are comprised of one thing; the picture.
Oh, there are a few new features and improvements, but Samsung wanted to give customers the perfect picture, and they have succeeded perhaps beyond even their own expectations.

Here are a few of the UN46EH5000 features:

Wide Color Enhancer Plus

This feature allows viewing of the entire RGB spectrum exactly as the producer intended you to see it.

10W X 2 Audio Output

This supports multi channel sounds and a second audio program, or SAP, with 181 channel capacity. In fact, the ten watt, two speaker SRS theater sound system will sound almost as good as the picture looks. Probably the only drawback is if the volume is turned too high you may get some humming, or a vibration.

CMR Clear Motion Rate

This new feature measures how well a LED TV can show fast moving images.

USB Port
Easily connect an external hard drive or portable pen drive to view your internet content and your computer files at the highest quality definition possible.

Light weight panel that is a breeze to setup

One of the first things you will notice about your new television is that it is light, as it only weighs around 27 pounds without the stand.

Although not as light as new ES6100 range of LED panels, consumers will appreciate the ease of setup and you do not have to be a techie to program it, as the television will basically walk you through the setup.

Most people are able to begin viewing programs within the hour of receiving the package.

Superior picture quality

You will appreciate, if you wear glasses, that the picture is so sharp and clear you may not have to use your glasses while viewing this TV.
samung un46eh5000 picture quality
Bear in mind that at 46 inches, the recommended distance for optimal viewing pleasure is about six to ten feet.

Try setting your Dynamic setting to its brightest, and tune your HDMI black levels to low, not to mention that there is absolutely no backlight bleed, and you will be astounded by the sheer white of the whites and the absolute blackness of the blacks.

In fact, to save yourself time in searching the internet for adjustment levels, give the following chart a try:

- Mode – Dynamic
- Contrast – 85
- Backlight – 17
- Brightness – 50
- Color – 70
- Sharpness – 80
- Tint – G/R 50-50
eh5000 sideonview
This television is going to be a bit thicker than you may expect, with the back of it measuring out to about three inches.

However, with the thin bezel in front and the skinny sides, the Samsung UN46EH5000 is almost as attractive when it is off, as when it is displaying its breathtaking images.

You probably will find yourself so captivated by the picture, that you will want to replay the movies and games in your collection to experience them in a totally new way.

You will be startled by how great all of the 1080p material looks on your new Samsung.

Another plus is that when you are viewing celluloid movies you will not experience the dreaded soap opera effect that many television owners experience.

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UN46EH5000 Key features

  • 46 inch Full HD Panel
  • 1920 × 1080 resolution
  • Wide Colour Enhancer for improved graphics
  • 120 Hz Clear Motion Rate
  • Eco Sensor will save energy
  • SRS TheatreSound HD to help with the poor sound associated with slim panels
  • 10w × 2 speakers
  • Cabinet Color – Black
  • ConnectShare Movie – YES
  • Smart TV – NO
  • Samsung Apps – NO
  • Smart Hub – NO
  • Web Browser – NO
  • 3D – NO
  • Game Mode – YES
  • WiFi Built-in – NO
  • SKYPE – NO
  • USB – 1
  • HDMI – 2 Ports
  • 1 Composite, 1 Component

Note: The TV reviewed here is also known by the following Model Numbers:
Full UE46EH5000 Specifications

Samsung UN46EH5000 Dimensions

samung un46eh5000 dimensions

Final Thoughts

When you are watching action movies or sporting events, you will really begin to understand what Samsung has achieved with this unit.

The Clear Motion Rate will ensure that all rapid movement is detailed with sharp contrast and no distortion. In fact, if you buy this TV as a second option for a spare room, you may find yourself replacing your main TV with the Samsung UN46EH5000, and relegating your main TV to the back room.

Because LED screens offer the most vivid viewing experience possible, and Samsung is arguably one of the few major manufacturers of these televisions, the price will be more than a standard LCD unit.
The Samsung UN46EH5000 is currently retailing at about 980 dollars, but as the weeks pass this panel’s price will drop.
Once you get this particular model up and running, you will no doubt be glad you paid a little extra money for it.
As a matter of fact, you will probably recoup that extra money by staying home from the movies and sporting events, and by simply enjoying them at home on your new Samsung.

Please note that this television will not connect to the internet

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This TV is a true entry level LED panel that delivers a superior picture. It is currently receiving rave reviews over at Amszon.

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